Membership information

Battle Ramblers welcome walkers of all ages to join the club.  We are an affiliated club to the national Ramblers Association.  First and foremost we want our walks to be enjoyable for all who take part.


We usually walk on Sunday mornings and within the locality of Battle, but often venture further to locations of great countryside, such as the Sussex Downs or the shingle landscape of Dungeness.  This involves car travel to the start of a walk and sharing is encouraged to save on wear and tear, as well as fuel costs.  Each location has a suggested fuel contribution for the driver.


Battle Ramblers are an unusual walking group for two reasons:

We talk a lot !  So this brings with it the need for considerable personal responsibility – to look out for you own safety and be careful of hazards as well as having a good chat.


Secondly we do allow walkers with dogs.  Dogs must be kept on a short-lead at all times, except in large open fields, with no farm animals, they can be let off the lead for a good run around away from the main walkers group.


Subscriptions are due on 1st October, each year: £5.00 for single membership, £7.50 for family membership.  Please complete this application form and, together with a cheque payable to Battle Ramblers, hand to our Membership Secretary: Bernard Mabon or a Committee member, or post to our Treasurer:

Mrs. June Simpson, 5 Vale Road, BATTLE, TN33 0HE


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I/we give consent for Battle Ramblers to hold this data to be able to contact you with details of walks and events.  This data is held for the term of your membership after which it is deleted.  The data is used by the Committee members in their role of running the club, only; it is not shared with third parties.


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